Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, no. The swap took place starting June 1st, 2018 and has officially ended on August 7th, 2018. During this 2-month period, everyone who had bought or had already owned FUNK coins had an opportunity to convert them to SONIQ tokens. This is no longer possible, as the process has since been completed.
Check out the Exchanges section on our website to see where you can buy SONIQ.
Our UI and development teams are based in Belgrade, Serbia. Our business development team is based in Washington D.C.
We are completely self-funded. After the swap process, as we announced, we’ve kept 10% of the SONIQ supply for development and marketing. We also plan to charge fees on our platform once it’s completed.
We aren’t some ICO that raised millions of dollars based on promises. Instead, we’re working on delivering simple and effective services, using SONIQ tokens.
Check out our roadmap and our white paper! All relevant information is there. If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out to us on our communication channels.
Soniq uses smart contracts on the Ethereum network to implement the key parts of application business logic. Ethereum has proved time and time again to be an excellent and stable network. We don't want to worry about the implementation when we already have such a good network to rely on.
Through products that we are building, the SONIQ token enables you to collaborate and exchange value (for example, vote, pay, get paid and much more) with people involved in music all around the world, hassle free, in a secure, transparent way. The entire economy in our products will be based on the SONIQ token.
It is a store of value, used for value exchange - as a means of payment (get rewarded for a contribution to community, pay or get paid), support (give to/invest in other people) and many other things to come.
SONIQ is a standard cryptocurrency token. Before you buy it, you should understand the cryptocurrency laws and restrictions in your specific country.
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